Media Verification Assistant

Get help in analyzing the veracity of online media

Our Background

We are a joint team of engineers and investigators from CERTH-ITI and Deutsche Welle, trying to build a comprehensive tool for media verification on the Web. The Media Verification Assistant features a multitude of image tampering detection algorithms plus metadata analysis, GPS Geolocation, EXIF Thumbnail extraction and integration with reverse image search via Google. It is constantly being developed, expanded and upgraded -our ambition is to include most state-of-the-art verification technologies currently available on the Web, plus unique implementations of numerous experimental algorithms from the research literature. As the platform is currently in its Alpha stage, errors may occur and some algorithms may not operate as expected. For comments, suggestions, criticisms and error reports, please contact The source code of the Java back-end is freely distributed at GitHub

Who We Are. Meet Our Team!


Markos Zampoglou

Post-doc Researcher

Markos Zampoglou is a computer scientist. His research interests include image processing, machine learning, and multimedia retrieval and understanding.


Symeon Papadopoulos

Post-doc Researcher

Symeon Papadopoulos is a computer scientist and his research interests include social network analysis, machine learning, social media mining and information retrieval.


Ruben Bouwmeester

Innovation manager

Ruben Bouwmeester is innovation manager at Deutsche Welle. He is specialized in (automation of) verification of UGC and trains journalists how to handle and verify UGC.


Papadopoulou Olga

Research Assistant

Papadopoulou Olga is a research assistant and her research interests are in the areas of image processing, machine learning and web-based multimedia content management.


Lazaros Apostolidis

Research Assistant

Lazaros Apostolidis is currently specializing in Data Visualization with latest web technologies.


Yiannis Kompatsiaris

Senior Researcher

Yiannis Kompatsiaris is a Senior Researcher at CERTH-ITI and the Head of the Multimedia Knowledge and Social Media Analytics Laboratory.

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