Verification-oriented comment detection

Challenge Description

Build a system that automatically retrieves comments that could be useful in the verification process.

Users tend to leave comments on Web videos expressing their personal opinion or experience in relation to what the video shows, convey public statements about the event shown in the video, and often challenge or support the credibility of the video. Several of these comments could be helpful for the verification process.

As a baseline approach, a predefined list of verification-related keywords is used to filter the video comments and create a subset with comments of relevance to the verification process. The list of verification-related comments is available in 7 languages (English, German, Greek, Arabic, French, Spanish and Farsi).

Verification-related keyword
English French German Arabic Spanish Farsi Greek
lies mensonges Lügen أكاذيب mentiras دروغ ψέματα
fake faux falsch أكاذيب falso جعلی ψεύτικο
wrong erroné falsch غلطان incorrecto اشتباه λάθος
lie mensonge Lüge أكذوبة، كذب mentira دروغ ψέμα
confirm confirmé bestätigt مؤكد confirmado تأييد شده επιβεβαιώνω
where wo أين donde كجا που
location lieu Ort مكان lugar محل، مكان τοποθεσία
lying mentir lügend كذب mitiendo دروغ گو ψευδής
false faux falsch, fehlerhaft خاطئ falso غلط، اشتباه، دروغین εσφαλμένο
incorrect inexact unrichtig غير صحيح incorrecto غلط، اشتباه λανθασμένο
misleading trompeur irreführend مضلل engañoso گمراه ‌ كننده παραπλανητικό
propaganda propagande Propaganda دعاية propaganda تبلیغات سیاسی، پروپاگاندا προπαγάνδα
liar menteur Lügner كاذب mentiroso کذاب ψεύτης


  • YouTube API responses containing the video comments.
  • Verification-related keywords in 7 languages.


List of verification-related comments and/or keywords


The approach will be evaluated qualitatively since no ground-thruth is provided. You can select up to five videos from the dataset as test videos and apply the approach on them. As a result, the extracted verification comments should provide useful information for debunking the video.

Suggested test videos:
  • CAT 5 Hurricane Irma destroys St. John's, Antigua (WIND @ 185MPH!!!): The video claims that it shows footage of Irma hurricane but in fact it shows a tornado that struck Dolores, Uruguay in April 2016.
  • لحظة حدوث انفجار في مطار بروكسل: The video claims that it shows footage of Βrussels airport explosion ιν 2016. This video is a real video of an old event and is shared wth false contextual information. The video actually was shot in 2011 at Domodedovo Airport in Russia
  • Niño sirio salva a niña de francotiradores: The video claims that it shows a Syrian boy rescue girl in shootout. This video has been staged. It was filmed in Malta by Norwegian film makers as an experiment
  • Golden Eagle Snatches Kid: The video was created by a team of students in Montreal as part of their course on VFX.
  • Hawk throws snake at family eating lunch in Melbourne: This video has been staged and digitally manipulated. It was created by Melbourne-based video production company The Woolshed Company for Australian Football League club The Hawks (Hawthorn Football Club).
  • Arabs Destroy Christmas Tree In Italy: This video is a real video of an old event and is shared wth false contextual information. The video was originally taken in December 2015 and actually shows a group of Italian teenagers.

  • Hints:

    Experiment with weakly supervised learning using the verification-keywords to label the comments as verification related ones.


  • Olga Papadopoulou:
  • Symeon Papadopoulos:

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